Faculty & Staff

Riverside School’s classroom faculty are state certified teachers with an unequaled commitment to creatively teaching and nurturing each child to his/her fullest potential. All teachers stress the direct teaching of basic skills. Our faculty regularly consults with outside experts in the field of learning differences and attends monthly in-service workshops and annual conferences to maintain effective knowledge.


Hal Waller, Head of School

Debra Mitchell, Associate Head of School and Director of Admission, Transition, and Testing
Suzie Eklund,  Director of Language Fundamentals
Charice Myers, Director of Curriculum
Barbara Snuggs, Director of Finance
Cindy DiCello, Director of Development
Patricia W. DeOrio, Director Emeritus

Support Staff

Becky Hollingsworth, Administrative Assistant
Eileen Harvey, Bookkeeper and Facility Coordinator
Lisa DeWitt, Clerical and Instructional Support

Classroom Teachers
Lower School Faculty

Colleen Hague
Heather Mayer
Charice Myers, Curriculum Specialist
Paige Schaefer

Debbie Waldenmaier

Intermediate School Faculty

Michele Estes
Sara Sculthorpe

Language Fundamentals Department

Our Language Fundamental faculty are trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and certified by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

Suzie Eklund, Director of Language Fundamentals
Nancy Spencer, AOGPE Teacher Trainer and Supervisor 
Cynthia Davis, Fellow-in-Training, Testing Coordinator

Marti Alexander
Sara Brickley

Joanna Coulter
Stephanie Cross
Chris Del Bueno
Susan Eklund
Madeline Gorman
Danelle Gownley
Kay Haas
Ann-Marie Lundmark
Cynthia Miller

Ellen Morton
Eileen Pilc
Mary Raper
Heather Robbins
Ann Swift
Jane Tanner
Jen Walker


Resource Faculty & Staff

Christine Bachmann, Librarian/Music Teacher
Phyllis Harris, Dance Instructor
Peggy Healy, Expressive Arts Coordinator
Curtis Hofstetter, Volunteer
Billy Jones, P.E. Coordinator
John Linthicum, IT Coordinator
Meredith Mawyer, Speech-Language Pathologist

Development Staff

Cindy DiCello, Director of Development 
Diane Garofalo, Development Assistant