Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is the governing body of Riverside School whose primary responsibility is to support the school by determining the policies governing its administration and financial affairs. The Board is guided by our bylaws and our accrediting agencies, the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators and the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Educational Facilities.

Elizabeth F. Edwards, President
William Longan, Jr., Vice President
W. Hugh Catlett, Jr., Treasurer
Lisa Ebeling, Secretary
Karen Kay Chappell
Richard Fowlkes
Dr. Louis Harris
Aimie Jones
Michael Jones
Larry Malecky
Kathleen Miller
Neil Millhiser
Ben Pasternak
George Phillips, III
Sarah Scott Thomas
Burrell W. Stultz
Juliette Sykes
Carolyn Webb

Advisory Board

The Riverside School Advisory Board is appointed by the Board of Directors and includes members of the community whose advice and counsel is valuable to the Board in support of the fulfillment of the School’s mission.

Frances Kay, Chair
Dr. Mavis Brown
Thomas M. Crowder
E. Duncan Getchell
Jeffrey Gumenick
Curtis Hofstetter
Elizabeth Lanier
Diane M. Lowder, Esq.
Randolph W. McElroy
Thomas Millhiser
Jane Nott
John B. Purcell, Jr.
Dr. Joyce Steeves
Brude Stoever
Anne C. Woodfin


Gena Farinholt, Interim Head of School

Debra Mitchell, Director of Admissions and Transition
Suzie Eklund,  Director of Language Fundamentals
Charice Myers, Director of Curriculum
Barbara Snuggs, Director of Finance
Cindy DiCello, Director of Development
Patricia W. DeOrio, Director Emeritus