In August 2015, the Riverside School Board of Directors approved the School’s 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. This plan will guide Riverside into its fifth decade of educating and inspiring students with dyslexia and similar learning differences.  Below is an overview of our vision and strategic goals. For more information, please contact

Summary of the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan

Riverside School’s mission is to provide remediation of language skills for students with dyslexia and similar language-based learning differences in grades K – 8 so they can return to mainstream education fully prepared to realize their highest potential.

Riverside School will continue to build on its legacy of success in serving students by:

  • Maintaining our status as the leading Orton-Gillingham accredited school in the region
  • Continuing to offer one-on-one Language Fundamentals for all students
  • Enhancing our certified Orton-Gillingham Teacher Training program
  • Increasing enrollment and enhancing curriculum
  • Offering tuition assistance and scholarship aid to make Riverside School affordable for more families
  • Maintaining competitive teacher salaries to attract and retain highly qualified faculty
  • Working to ensure Riverside School’s long-term financial stability

Strategic Goals

Goal 1 – Instructional Model
Determine the optimal academic model to best serve student needs and support long-term financial stability by considering multiple academic, enrollment, fundraising, and organizational options.

Goal 2 – Teacher Training Program
Expand Riverside School’s Orton-Gillingham Approach teacher training program to provide coursework and practicum training to those inside and outside the School community as a means of strengthening the community’s understanding of dyslexia and its appropriate remediation, increasing the number of Orton-Gillingham trained teachers, and enhancing Riverside’s potential to enroll students.

Goal 3 – Marketing
Position Riverside School as the area’s top educational resource for language-based learning differences, as well as the key training resource in the Richmond Region for teachers who work with students using the Orton-Gillingham Approach.

Goal 4 – Fund Development
Support Riverside School’s operating budget by generating unrestricted and restricted funds through the development of a focused, disciplined, and sustainable fundraising program, including a Scholarship Fund to enhance enrollment.

Goal 5 – Governance
Continue to enhance Riverside School’s strategic leadership by providing for effective governance structures, processes, and succession in key leadership positions.