Academics & Classroom Curriculum

Instruction at Riverside is highly specialized and individualized. Our classroom teachers are state certified teachers. Language Fundamental instructors receive extensive training and mentoring in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and are required to receive certification from the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators. Our staff has an unequaled commitment to creatively teaching and nurturing each child to his or her fullest potential.


The Core Curriculum

Language Arts
In addition to the one-to-one language fundamental sessions, students receive two additional language arts classes daily.  These classes focus on oral language, reading, and writing skills.  In oral language, students cover a variety of skills including following directions, vocabulary development, and public speaking.  As students progress, their focus in reading class transitions from decoding words to comprehending increasingly more complex narrative and expository texts.  In writing classes, students cover spelling, grammar, and composition skills.  Students begin at the word or phrase level and progress to writing essays and research papers.

The concepts of math, the language of math, and calculation are an important part of our curriculum.  Following the tenets of the Orton-Gillingham approach, Riverside School uses manipulatives and technology to present new concepts in a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic/tactile manner.  This hands-on, multisensory instruction helps students understand and retain the underlying mathematical concepts.  Topics are presented incrementally and reinforced with continual review.

Social Studies
Riverside School social studies curriculum includes the fundamentals of geography, history, economics, civics, and current events.  Classroom learning is enhanced by hands-on experiences, technology integration, and field trips.

Students study topics from the major realms of science (physical, life, and earth science).  Riverside school uses technology to complement a multisensory approach to the experimental model, promoting effective science literacy.

Physical Education
Riverside School is committed to developing the physical and mental well being of each student.  All students participate in physical education classes three to five days a week.  In addition to these regular activities, students participate in special programs and the Presidential Physical Fitness Award testing each spring.

Study Skills
Study skills are an integral part of all curriculum areas but especially in social studies and science.  Students learn a range of skills to locate information, discuss ideas, answer a range of question types, and write about content.