Uniquely Riverside

Curriculum Enhancements

IMG_0538Riverside School is committed to developing the physical and mental well-being of each student.  All students participate in physical education classes four days a week and have multiple opportunities to move during the day.  In addition to Physical Education instruction, students participate in a mid-morning movement activity and conduct Focus2Learn activities throughout the day, and we offer recess for all classes.  Intermediate school students also participate in ballroom dance classes. We also focus on physical fitness by encouraging children to make healthy food choices, limit television viewing time and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Language Fundamental (LF)
Riverside School students receive individual Orton-Gillingham reading instruction for 45 minutes four days per week.  During LF, reading, reading comprehension, handwriting, vocabulary, and spelling skills are taught. Our Language Fundamentals Program is staffed by teachers who are trained in the Orton-Gillingham Approach and certified by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners & Educators. Riverside School is the only school in Virginia to offer one-on-one language instruction for all students.

Social Skills
Along with building a strong academic foundation for our students, Riverside is committed to fostering positive social growth and developing the self-confidence of each pupil.  Once each week, students participate in a 30-minute Social Skills class.  Class activities are designed to reinforce social, ethical, and academic skills in areas such as critical and creative thinking, ethical decision making, interpersonal relationships, practical living skills, building self-esteem, and practicing citizenship.  Learning techniques incorporated into the class include role playing, small-group discussions, and hands-on activities.

Riverside Resource Classes

Pastels 3Expressive Arts
Lead by a Certified Art Therapist, Riverside School’s Expressive Arts Therapy program is not only designed to refine artistic skills, but also to cultivate personal growth.  Students have an opportunity to learn visual  arts through a variety of projects that foster creativity.

Music Discovery
Student participate in a weekly music instruction class that teacher music history and appreciation, as well as fundamentals of pitch, tone, rhythm, and melody. Students also participate in group performances.

Riverside School offers a fully automated library run by a professional librarian.  The school’s collection includes audio books as well as printed books.  It also holds a collection of resource books for parents and teachers on dyslexia and other learning differences.

Extracurricular Activities

Co-Ed Intramural Soccer
Riverside sponsors one-two soccer teams each spring and fall to take part in the private school intramural soccer program.  These inclusive teams offer soccer team experience to beginning and experienced soccer players and are coached by our physical education instructor with help from parents and alumni.

After School Classes & Workshops
After school pottery/art workshops  are available throughout the year and are offered by our  Expressive Art teacher, Peggy Healy who is a trained Expressive Art Therapist.

Student Council
Each year representatives are elected in each class to serve on the school’s student council.  Led by a faculty sponsors this group is responsible for planning and implementing several community service projects for the students to participate in throughout the year.  They also provide leadership to their fellow students and serve as ambassadors to campus guests.